Her cell phone rings. It’s her boss that doesn’t live in New York City and he’s flying in to town for the night. He asks her to meet him at the Grand Hyatt Hotel at Grand Central.

For a second she thinks, “Am I getting fired?” Then she immediately looks at her calendar and sees that the meeting is supposed to last 2 ½ hours. She wasn’t getting fired. It was actually quite the opposite.

In today’s soul encounter, relationship expert Melissa Leger, shares how one defining moment led to a series of events that completely transformed her life in 2017.

You’ll learn how she’s lost the weight that’s been holding her back from fully thriving, and how she’s keeping the weight off. Melissa also shares the one question that you should really be asking yourself in 2018.

There are so many wonderful takeaways in this soul encounter. Truly. You may have to listen to it a few times.

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