Hello Beauty!  I’m Elaine Zlaket.

A professional storyteller, and the producer, writer, and host of the Soul Encounters Podcast. I’m here to support you on your journey to designing a body, and business, and a life that honors your soul. Deep in my heart, I always knew I was put on this earth to serve you. I dreamed about having a voice, a positive presence, and a message that would help millions. However, I didn’t know how my innermost desires and purpose would transpire and evolve.

I believe we are all here to serve in some way. The lessons we learn on our own personal journeys are exactly what we need to share with the world.

When I reflect upon my past, I am confident that the different decisions I made, the jobs that I worked, the pursuit of my dreams… it all led me to where I am. It all was part of the plan. All the struggles, the rejection, the pain, all the money and time invested…it was all worth it.

Why? Because, I am able to take everything that I have learned along the way, and I can share it with you.

My journey, allows me to understand yours. It’s why I’m so passionate about supporting you in realizing your purpose, honoring your soul, and helping you to take action each day to get you closer to your dreams.

Your time here on earth is passing by at great speed, and life is the most precious gift that you have. You can create a life that you are truly living. It is possible to lean in to your purpose and to discover your strengths along the way. And yes, right now, is your time to cultivate the life, the body, and the business, that honors your soul.

To be exactly who you were designed to be, and to do what you were created to do!

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