I have to admit, I have always loved finding THE gift. The one thing that brings the biggest smile to someone’s face.

I feel like a little kid with a ton of excitement brewing in my body because today’s guest, brings us the opportunity to have one of the best gifts I think we could all have. And that is, a body that is pain free.

A body where we have the freedom to move with no restrictions, and no boundaries. Can you imagine what that would feel like?

You see, your mind and body have a reciprocal relationship.

If your body is stiff and tight, and filled with pain and aches, how can your mind fully relax? And vice versa. If your mind is filled with negativity and toxic thoughts, how can your body fully relax?

When your body is free, your mind can be free to create, to design, to love. I think that’s one of the best gifts we could have.

Our guest, Jen Esquer, provides a solution to so many physical challenges that are holding us back from living to our fullest potential.

She is a doctor of physical therapy based here in Los Angeles, and she has helped thousands to get out of pain. I am honored to have her as a guest on The Soul Encounters podcast.

And I’m incredibly excited for you to meet her and to hear all of the wonderful wisdom that she shares.

Take a listen, and please share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, be sure to share this encounter with a friend, a sista, a cousin, or a co-worker that you think could benefit.

With mad love and crazy hugs,

Elaine Z.

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