Hi Gorgeous!

I’ve been craving a deeper connection with you. That’s what inspired me to create the Soul Encounters Podcast.  

If you’re a single, woman, entrepreneur who wants to build an empire, without the financial or emotional support of a spouse or partner, we’re meant to be!

All female entrepreneurs, single or not, can benefit from this podcast.  However, the content will be created with that single woman, and her struggles, in mind.

Here’s what you can expect on this weekly podcast…

You’ll join me on my entrepreneurial journey as a full-time working, single, mom with a side hustle.

You’ll hear inspiring interviews from courageous, powerful women (and maybe a few men) who are shaking up this world with passion, determination, and a living legacy. 

You’ll learn marketing tips and business strategies that’ll save you time and money.  Most importantly, you’ll gain actionable steps that you can implement immediately.

If you’re a single, woman who wants to cultivate a body, a business, and a life that honors your soul, you’re in the right place.

Every Soul Encounter is an opportunity for you to get closer to your truth.  To become who you were designed to be, and to do, what you were created to do. 

My hope is that with each Soul Encounter, your soul awakens just a little more.  My goal, is to build a community of like-minded, ambitious women, who have a strong desire to support each other on this journey.

Now is your time, beauty.  Let’s let your light shine in the way that it was designed to do!

With mad love and lots of hugs,

Elaine Zlaket