Joi Stearns is an incredible woman who is raising the bar for how things are done in the restaurant industry.

She has always had a passion for food, cooking, and entertaining.

However, after losing her mother to cancer, having a daughter who suffered from gluten and food allergies, and a son with ADD, she became very determined to educate herself about food as medicine.

Joi is obsessed with nutrition and is passionately committed to learning as much as she can about ways to prevent, fight, and reverse disease.

And in today’s encounter, our guest shares her journey of how she went from a Texas cookin’ mama to an organic, plant-based, gluten free restaurant owner here in sunny California.

Her kitchen creations are absolutely delicious. But most importantly our guest has a true heart of service and she is an inspiration to many people, even to those who travel from all over the world to experience her delightful recipes served at Joi Café.

Today’s encounter was truly a special one as Joi is doing what she was designed to do. And the path that led her to where she is, was filled with lots of lessons, and some major twists and turns.

Joi reminds us that anything is possible, at any age.  

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With mad love and tons of hugs,

Elaine Z.

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