To create a body that honors your soul, it’s important to address and heal the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from cultivating it.

Yes, what you eat is important. And yes, exercising is vital for multiple reasons.

However, what you subconsciously believe could truly be preventing you from shedding the weight.

Your mind is this incredible, powerful thing.

That’s why I’m so honored and excited to have Bree Melanson as a guest on The Soul Encounters Podcast.

The depth of her work is unparalleled.

She teaches people how to break through their roadblocks, how to rearrange the hot mess that the ego has made, and ultimately, she shares how to lead with your soul.

Bree has worked with people in various fields like lawyers, artists, celebrities, psychologists, coaches, and even other psychics.

Today’s encounter is so nutrient dense, I decided to break this encounter in to a 2 part series.

In Part 1, we learn about Bree’s journey and how she came to realize her gifts as a spiritual medium and soul trainer.

In Part 2, Bree takes us through an actual coaching session where she performs an energetic clearing (droppin’ next week ya’ll. go subscribe so you don’t miss it!).

She also shows us how to deconstruct our limiting beliefs, and she provides us with the tools to create a sacred spiritual practice for abundance and success.

So get ready Gorgeous!  Because you’re about to have an encounter with Bree Melanson, and she is about to rock your world.

I can’t wait to hear what you think about today’s encounter.  Share one big takeaway in the comments below.

And if you think this encounter is awesome sauce, please share it.

Let’s spread the love and crush it in 2018!


Elaine Z.

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