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If you’re just getting your side-hustle off the ground.

Or, if you’ve been doing business for quite some time and you’re operating naked and exposed (meaning, you and your business are not fully protected), I’m pretty confident you’ll gain something from this 2-Part Series.

In today’s Encounter, Business & Legal Strategist Karen Taggart shares how to set your business up properly in your state.

Karen is a licensed attorney in Minnesota, and she loves to teach entrepreneurs how to have a business that is legally protected.

Karen explains that this isn’t the sexy side of doing business, but it’s necessary. And, once you have most of these things in place, you can focus on what you really love to do in your business. 

Karen provides so much information in this interview, I decided to break it up in to a 2-Part Series.

So be sure to tune in next week for Part 2 as Karen shares how having certain contracts in place can benefit you, your clients, and your business.

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Links Mentioned In This Encounter:

Karen Taggart’s Website

Searches To Perform:

Look Up Your State’s Secretary of State Website

Search (ex) “Starting A Business in Georgia”