Have you ever felt so frustrated with something going on in your life . . .

Maybe you have a manager that is just awful to work for and every moment at work feels so unbearable.

Or, you’re an entrepreneur and you’re building your side hustle on the side. You’re having some small success but it’s just not growing fast enough and you need it to because you have crazy high bills to pay.

Or, maybe you feel like your kids never listen to you. And if they would just do what you asked them to do, everything would be so much easier. 

In those moments, you probably feel stuck. You may feel like you’ve tried everything to manage or deal with the situation, and it’s still not getting better.

I think most of us have either been there, are experiencing something like this right now, or could go in this direction if we don’t create what our guest today calls an “SOS Self Care Package.”

In today’s encounter, we get to hear from certified nutrition expert and life coach, Lisa Carpenter.

Lisa’s body of work empowers driven achievers like you, to connect deeply with their emotions, free themselves from judgment, and she teaches them how to create lasting physical and emotional transformation.

In this incredible encounter, Lisa dives deep in to topics like food addiction, codependency, what Full Frontal Living means, and how curiosity can be the first step towards Transformation.

Today’s encounter is jam packed with some wonderful truth bombs. So be sure to grab a pen and paper. You’re probably going to want to take notes.

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With Mad Love & Tons Of Hugs,

Elaine Z. 

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